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Steak Date at Angus Dan’s Restaurant

I consider this as an adventure of my palate because it’s my first time to order a steak in a steakhouse though I realize that I already ate this before but it was not in a fancy-ish restaurant but a homecooked one and not as fancy as I ordered in Angus Dan’s restaurant.

Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a connoisseur of steak nor a chef and not even a professional cook that has that authority to critic or say an opinion with weights on it so please consider whatever you learned from this blog post a grain of salt, a personal opinion, a preference only, and/or personal observation from a naive first time steak eater. I still highly encourage you to visit and try the place.

The ambiance of Angus Dan’s Resto

Angus Dan’s Restaurant offers ribs, steaks, and seafood; they are located in Jasmine St. corner Orchid St. in Capitol site (close landmarks are BPI, and Dynasty Tourist Inn). This is owned by Food entrepreneur, Constantine “Stan” Tanchan and Angus Dan’s Restaurant is named after his eldest son: Dan.

The restaurant is not a formal-dining type, it’s casual yet elegant and has this home-vibe. During our stay, there’s jazz music playing in the background (audio recording and not a live band). It’s not a smokey resto like a grill-station, the place is pleasant and perfect for chit-chat or dinner date with your loved ones or significant other.

The seats are comfortable except the red fabric couch which is too soft that you will sink and the back support is too far that sitting is a little uncomfortable. I would recommend to sit in their high chair and high table group or the brown leatherette chairs. Some of their tables are “tatak pinoy” as I coined it because this is what I notice most often to all restaurants that I’ve been to here in the Philippines. “Tatak Pinoy” tables are the uneven base or feet of the table making it wobble that you have to put pressure on either of its sides of the base to stand it steadily.

We talk about life here LOL

The place is not that instagramable, their walls are red adobe brick inspired, lightings are okay they are not too harsh and not too dim, you can still clearly see your food and your companion/s but they don’t have that much another aesthetic lighting like lampshades or pendants (they have pendants but the lumens are a little high) that will eliminate the shadow under the eyes. There are no real plants inside and no wall accents like artwork frames. Overall, these instagramable aesthetics I mentioned are not important, this is only for some people especially the new generations that are highly considering the ambiance of the location.

What did we order?

We (me and Reyna) ordered the premium USDA Angus Rib-eye cooked in rare, and medium-rare, while Chok ordered the, shall we say the ordinary version of rib-eye and it’s cooked: well-done.

I don’t have much opinion about it since I have nothing to compare it with and I am open to trying to whatever they are serving; in other words, I did not put standards and expectations. For me the medium-rare USDA Angus Rib-eye is perfect! It’s not salty, the meat is perfectly tender since it’s medium-rare so I did not see so much blood on it and the meat has a warm red center. However, the outer core is not that pleasing to look at (it did not have that red tone on it) and I am not sure if it was grilled or it was broiled but I did not see the grill pattern marked on the meat.

Reyna was a little disappointed on her order, the USDA Angus Rib-eye degree of doneness: rare. She’s expecting a cool red center and should be seeing juice or blood but it looks like we have the same degree of doneness while Chok’s order which is supposedly the well-done seems the rare cooked one but the outer core is kind of toasted. We are not sure if there was a mistake or maybe that’s their signature but how we saw it was either they did not deliver the well-done and they cooked the same degree of doneness for both the premium steak we ordered.


Overall, we enjoyed our stay, their crews were attentive, friendly, and very accommodating, the food tastes fine though it did not match what we expect of how it would look like. The price for their food are reasonable, well actually it’s affordable depending on what kind of steak you will order. If you will order the ordinary rib-eye it only cost Php 880 while the USDA ones are Php 1K+. The difference between the USDA and the ordinary as per their crew is only the amount of fat in the meat. The ordinary rib-eye has more fats than the USDA rib-eye.

I’m looking forward to dining again right there and try their swordfish belly, lobster, scallops, and their lechon carbonara.