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How to Renew Motorcycle Registration without Plate Number

If you buy a motorcycle here in the Philippines, the seller or distributor usually processes the 1st registration for you and the registration will be good for a year. After that one, once it’s close to its expiry date it’s your duty to renew your motorcycle. The problem is: during your renewal usually your motorcycle…
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November 12, 2019 0

Staycation at Club Tara Resort Siargao Island

The Maldives inspired cottages, a peaceful place, beautiful scenery every time you wake up; perfect for a retreat! The place is kind of secluded, at first, we thought it’s very accessible but the locals said that it’s located on an island near the Sohoton Cove and you need to hire a boat to get there.…
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November 7, 2019 0

Off to Siargao the Surfing Capital of PH

Since before, Siargao is already known for its waves that attracts surfing enthusiasts around the world. Siargao is a small island located in the Eastern part of the Philippines with a land area of approximately 437 square kilometers. Siargao’s name is derived from a kind of mangrove tree called saliargaw. When you are above the…
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October 13, 2019 0

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is available now in PH

Behold Harry Potter fans! The AR (Augmented Reality) game for Harry Potter is here in the Philippines, it was first launched on June 21 in the UK and US. This is created by Niantic, the Pokemon Go developer in collaboration with Portkey Games and Warner Brothers. Unlike the Pokemon Go where you only collect pokemon…
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June 24, 2019 0

Steak Date at Angus Dan’s Restaurant

I consider this as an adventure of my palate because it’s my first time to order a steak in a steakhouse though I realize that I already ate this before but it was not in a fancy-ish restaurant but a homecooked one and not as fancy as I ordered in Angus Dan’s restaurant. Just a…
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May 12, 2019 0

Team Building at Pacific Cebu Resort

Team building is a company’s initiative to let its members know each other well, bond, create camaraderie, and teach each and every one the values that the company holds. Besides the fun that it creates, it also helps loosen up the hard-working members a bit and enjoy the season. We had our Summer Team Building…
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May 7, 2019 0