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Nostalgia: DIY Halloween props

Disclaimer: Please be informed that there may be graphic images as you scroll, proceed with caution.

It’s a trick or treats time! I remember before when I was in my previous company, we were very active in decorating our production floor for Halloween and excited for the visitors (the kids) for their trick or treat tour.

There was a time when our area was assigned a theme as a haunted hospital and with a limited budget, we were forced to be creative and go with DIYs. I led some of the creation of DIY props like blood, brains, worm, soil, fingers, hands, fetus, and heart. We did the grocery shopping and made it after shift.

I’m going to share with you our DIY Halloween props

Blood – this is very simple since you only need 3 ingredients: corn syrup, food coloring (red and blue), and cornstarch. You just have to mix them all except that you need to slowly put them together for you to be able to get the color and consistency you desire. You need to add blue food coloring to the red food color and corn syrup for a thick and blood-like color just be careful not to put so much of it because it will turn into violet the ratio could be 1:3 (blue: red). While the cornstarch is for the consistency and makes it thick like it’s about to clot; the more cornstarch the thicker the blood (don’t overdo it, to avoid caking).

Brain and worms: we use gelatin for these 2. For the brain we use a bowl, I recommend to use a deep bowl or flanging bowl then we put a twisted paper (you may use clay or dough) and stick it inside the bowl to form furrows. We prepare the gelatin by heating it and then poured it in the bowl and wait or refrigerate to firm. While for the worms we use plastic straws to mold them; we use brown colored gelatin on this one.

Fingers, Hands, Fetus, and Heart: This is up to you if you want to consume these items since it’s the same procedure as creating a bread or a pizza dough and the only difference is you need to form them like you are playing a clay dough. On our part at that time since we did not intend to consume the items, it’s very basic and we only use all-purpose flour, water, and active yeast then baked it.

Soil: this is very easy also but we did not make this like a lot because it’s kind of expensive (we were out of budget already) and it will be messy also. Again this is so simple, you just have to mix crushed Oreo or any chocolate cookie biscuits, and chocolate pudding mixture, you may add also a very tiny amount of water to make it look like muddy.

There it goes! so it looks realistic and the props we created were really dope and kids cried when they pass our production area. BWAHAHAHAHAHA