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Stay Calm + Be Positive

How to choose the right sunscreen?

Sunscreen is very important nowadays, not just because it’s summer or if you live in a tropical country like me where it’s always “summer” whole year round but because we don’t want premature skin aging or the worst scenario: skin cancer. There are so many sunscreen products over the counter or displayed on the shelf,…
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March 17, 2020 0

Why do you need to take your company’s Annual Physical Exam?

Some companies offer annual health check-ups for their employees and I’m too lucky and grateful that the company I’m in is offering that one. Annual Physical Exam (APE), well self-explanatory is a yearly health check-up and in the company that I’m in it even extends to my parents. This perk or service is provided to…
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August 22, 2019 0

My Keto Diet Journey (Side Effects)

One of the reasons why I don’t dive to full blown keto is its side effect. As a nocturnal worker, I think it would be too much for my body to take the stress. Though I slightly don’t believe that there is an impact in working night-shift but I think the hormones that usually appear…
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May 15, 2019 0

My Keto Diet Journey (Body Measurement)

Before I start my semi-Keto diet I need to measure my vital statistics first, this will be my baseline or starting point. Measuring your body before doing any diet or lifestyle changes will give you an idea of how the diet or lifestyle change impacted you. How to measure your body with a tape? Chest:…
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April 12, 2019 0

My Keto Diet Journey (Meal Planning)

Because it’s a diet so obviously it will involve changes in my usual meal. I’m a Filipino and we eat rice 3 times a day! I’ve been eating rice since maybe when I was 2 years old up to this day, so it’s really difficult for me to stay away from rice. I did some…
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April 3, 2019 0

My Keto Diet Journey (intro)

Okay, I saw this new diet fad I guess about keto diet and basically, in a nutshell, is eating without carbs in your diet. TV talk shows are discussing this one and what makes me say “waah! it’s true!!” was when I saw this topic from Rated K showing Juana Change transformation. Actor-director Mae Paner…
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March 31, 2019 0