How to create your Facebook Year-In Review 2019?

2019 is coming to its end, and you’ve probably seen some of your friends sharing their Facebook’s #YearInReview video as well as Instagram’s #2019BestNine photo collage. Well if you want to have your own too it’s simple just follow the steps below.

Facebook Year In Review Video

Log-in to your Facebook Account then search in the search box “year in review 2018.”Then open the application. Usually, this will show at the topmost of the search result.

Then you will be redirected to a new page where your #YearInReview video is located; Facebook automatically aggregates this, but you can edit the content if you wish to. You can see the summary of your 2019 if you scroll the page

To edit your video just hit the Edit Video button located on the left side of the Share Video button.

You can edit the content, but you cannot add another “slide” or row as this is predefined by Facebook.

Once you are satisfied with the content, you may now share it with your friends or to the public.

Note: You can access, edit, and share this through Desktop or through your mobile devices. Enjoy facebooks #yearInReview2019!


How to get your 2019 BestNine Instagram photo?

Like Facebook, you can have a “year in review” on Instagram too though this is an external application and it’s called BestNine. BestNine is an external web application that utilizes the Instagram API or Application Program Interface to compile random photos you took for the whole year.

To generate this, you just need to visit this site:

and type in your Instagram ID and hit the button get. You can choose to get the photo collage only or the original which has the frame and with information like the total likes you got for the year. Bestnine became first public in 2015, there have been about 100 million Bestnine pictures created as of December 2019.

InfoTech vlog

Why I Choose RealMe C2?

Getting a new Smartphone but you’re on a tight budget? Today, entry-level smartphones are getting bolder and better as they compete against the top tier smartphones as well.

The phone that I am using right now that I got 2 years ago which cost around 14,000 pesos at that time is now far from the phones of 2019; even to this entry-level phone from RealMe

In the video, I discussed the areas that I like about this phone. I did not include the specs since you can find that readily available to their website or to other gadgets and technology review sites. Please, turn-on the close-caption (cc) if you find me difficult to understand in the video.


One Year After I Purchased Nokia 3310

Nokia’s iconic 3310 was reincarnated with a new look last 2017. Nokia 3310 is known for being a strong and longer-lasting feature phone. Besides from its toughness, games like snake becomes iconic too and that distinctive Nokia sound when you turned it on as well as the text notification tone.

Because I thought my mother would have an easy acceptance since she’s already used to this kind of phone, I bought her one last year as her primary phone to communicate us.

The phone is just the same as its predecessor except that it’s now has a colorful display and not the monochrome one as the older version, glossy finish, dual sim and a little lighter.

But just recently, mother called using another feature phone from Samsung that my brother gave. She informed me that her Nokia 3310 died out and the cause is a bloated battery.

This new incarnation is not as tough and better as the original version. I was disappointed to hear the news as I was really rooting for Nokia to be true and be as what I knew about them before. I think Nokia now is just a brand that was used to be better and manufacturer of durable phones. The sad part is they don’t sell batteries (maybe they do but not here in the Philippines?). It’s rare to find cellphone shops that are selling batteries these days since most phones now don’t have a removable battery.

Comparing the Samsung feature phone that my brother gave to my mother versus Nokia 3310, it’s truly a disappointment. It only lasted a year while Samsung is still functional and now on its 5th year with mother. I don’t recommend buying this phone as your back-up phone. Better get a Samsung’s or go directly for the entry-level smartphones if budget is your main concern.


Harmony OS: Huawei’s Operating System for Smart Devices, will it survive?

After the recent tremor that Huawei experienced when Donald Trump or the U.S. temporarily blocked their business in the United States in which affect their relationship with Google. Huawei learned a lesson: to not rely heavily on an outside provider. So, now they created their own operating system called Harmony OS or Hóngméng OS.

As of now, the operating system is not intended yet for Smartphones but rather to other smart devices like SmartTV, wearables, vehicles, house appliances, and an intermediary between Android and smart devices.

An open-source, microkernel-based distributed operating system being developed by Huawei HiSilicon

Harmony OS is expected to be released either this August or September 2019, with a worldwide plan release in the second quarter of 2020. Harmony OS is not a new Operating System contender of Android, there were lots of OS that tried but failed like Tizen from Samsung, Windows from Microsoft, Symbian from Nokia, etc. that does not really scratch the market share of Android and iOS. With this, will Harmony OS survive in the dominating world of Android and iOS? The strategy of Huawei to introduce this first to other smart devices could be a good move. Like some other operating system, Harmony OS is also open-source inticing developers to create applications or background systems that will work hand-in-hand with the OS.

According to Huawei, they will still use Google’s operating system on their smartphones but they are the only one that can tell of when until this be. Obviously, Huawei wanted to stand on their own and stop relying on other providers especially if they don’t have much of the control. This slow movement is just the start of their ambition to replace the current giants in smartphones, Smart device’s OS, and data gathering activities.

iOS is known for being user-friendly, optimized, and secure while Android is known for being customizable, innovative, and backed by a Search-engine giant. What could Harmony OS offers to the world that differentiates itself from iOS and Android that makes the world consider it? Let us wait and see for now on how this new OS will change the game.

InfoTech Money

GCash-AMEX Reversal Experience

I purchased a US brand item online using GCash AmEx or American Express virtual card. But the vendor canceled my purchase because they don’t ship to a freight forwarder address or non-residential address. There’s no immediate notification from the vendor when they canceled it; good thing I look at my purchase history in my account on their website.

As soon as I found it out I immediately informed GCash about it so they can be aware, though I know that they will and should be aware but knowing Globe and GCash, it may take the time or they might not bother, it’s also my first to try and use this service (I also don’t trust them). I informed them through their FB messenger chat portal GCash Care and the agent on the other side asked me to fill out a dispute form. I filled it out but informed them that I don’t think it was a dispute.

GCash Poor Customer Service

I think the agent who picked my concern during that time was less experienced. I gave them time since I know that bank to bank transactions especially reversal may take some time to reflect plus my account is like a “sub-account” under Globe. After a few days I follow up again, the agent on the other end did not respond, he or she just “seen” it and you know the feeling when someone does it, it was unrespectful! The agent never acknowledged the customer’s chat.

I just informed them that going to a dispute channel is not a good idea when there’s no valid dispute case yet. Then I specifically use the term reversal (good thing I know this word but for some, they might use refund and that will be the cause of the delays) in my instruction or my concern so they will know what to do. Maybe if I did not mention it, I was probably still in the spiral with them and it would take many forms to fill-out and many days to wait before I will get back my money. I said this because I had experiences with them before and most often that’s the case, circling in their spiral of a confusing workflow.

GCash cannot be reached through a phone call so it’s really a hassle when you have a concern because most of the time they respond the next day or you’ll receive a robot response.

Globe should train well their agents to properly use their common sense because that is what separates us from Artificial Intelligence which is now threatening our livelihood.


Globe GCash Care never responded but the afternoon of that day I received a text notification about the reversal. I think for GCash or to any entity whose business is to handle money or in the financial industry that they should still need a customer service portal via phone. It’s important that we as users and customers feel and talk to a real person on the other end listening and understanding us. It’s difficult to transact in a messenger bot because we don’t know if the concern is properly addressed plus it takes days to resolve the problem.

Anyway, what I learned from this experience is to check first the vendor abroad if they allow delivering to a freight forwarder address before buying from them otherwise better check Amazon or other online malls for that item. Then as much as possible be specific when conversing to a chatbot or customer service chat portal, provide to them the keyword or term (they assume that all of us customers are aware of their jargon) because their customer service agents are not using common sense or maybe not properly trained, or maybe all this time it was a robot; if it was, they need to upgrade it to an intelligent human!