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GCash-AMEX Reversal Experience

I purchased a US brand item online using GCash AmEx or American Express virtual card. But the vendor canceled my purchase because they don’t ship to a freight forwarder address or non-residential address. There’s no immediate notification from the vendor when they canceled it; good thing I look at my purchase history in my account on their website.

As soon as I found it out I immediately informed GCash about it so they can be aware, though I know that they will and should be aware but knowing Globe and GCash, it may take the time or they might not bother, it’s also my first to try and use this service (I also don’t trust them). I informed them through their FB messenger chat portal GCash Care and the agent on the other side asked me to fill out a dispute form. I filled it out but informed them that I don’t think it was a dispute.

GCash Poor Customer Service

I think the agent who picked my concern during that time was less experienced. I gave them time since I know that bank to bank transactions especially reversal may take some time to reflect plus my account is like a “sub-account” under Globe. After a few days I follow up again, the agent on the other end did not respond, he or she just “seen” it and you know the feeling when someone does it, it was unrespectful! The agent never acknowledged the customer’s chat.

I just informed them that going to a dispute channel is not a good idea when there’s no valid dispute case yet. Then I specifically use the term reversal (good thing I know this word but for some, they might use refund and that will be the cause of the delays) in my instruction or my concern so they will know what to do. Maybe if I did not mention it, I was probably still in the spiral with them and it would take many forms to fill-out and many days to wait before I will get back my money. I said this because I had experiences with them before and most often that’s the case, circling in their spiral of a confusing workflow.

GCash cannot be reached through a phone call so it’s really a hassle when you have a concern because most of the time they respond the next day or you’ll receive a robot response.

Globe should train well their agents to properly use their common sense because that is what separates us from Artificial Intelligence which is now threatening our livelihood.


Globe GCash Care never responded but the afternoon of that day I received a text notification about the reversal. I think for GCash or to any entity whose business is to handle money or in the financial industry that they should still need a customer service portal via phone. It’s important that we as users and customers feel and talk to a real person on the other end listening and understanding us. It’s difficult to transact in a messenger bot because we don’t know if the concern is properly addressed plus it takes days to resolve the problem.

Anyway, what I learned from this experience is to check first the vendor abroad if they allow delivering to a freight forwarder address before buying from them otherwise better check Amazon or other online malls for that item. Then as much as possible be specific when conversing to a chatbot or customer service chat portal, provide to them the keyword or term (they assume that all of us customers are aware of their jargon) because their customer service agents are not using common sense or maybe not properly trained, or maybe all this time it was a robot; if it was, they need to upgrade it to an intelligent human!

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How to deposit to your bank via GCash? (Vlog)

Depositing money to a bank is really a task and let’s admit it, you don’t like spending your time in banks waiting!. It’s one of the chores we tend to apply the mañana habit, and eventually ruining our saving habit.

Luckily, in GCash, you can now deposit to your bank through there mobile app. Below is the video I made on how to transfer money to your bank right at the comfort of your home.

To be able to maximize the benefits of GCash which includes transferring or depositing money to your account through their app, all you need to do is to be fully verified or undergo the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure.

KYC is easy and will happen within the GCash application. All you need to do is send to them your identification (valid ID) then schedule an interview with their KYC agent.

I’m super glad that GCash finally evolves and become the super app for me! I pay my bills here, loan, send money to my family, and deposit or send money to my friend’s bank account (pay my borrowed money). Before I have to travel to malls or nearest (~ 500m away) pera padala center (remittance center) which cost me time, and effort but now those activities are a tap away!

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All Digital Banking: OCTO by CIMB Bank versus ING Banking PH

The use of smartphones proliferates and numbers of Filipinos are connected in the internet, banks are up-scaling too to keep up with the new demand. Banking activities can now be done online, most of the major Philippine banks can be accessed online through their app or through their website. But this new contenders in the Philippine commercial banking are offering a unique entry. They are not new in the industry and they are offering an all digital, mobile-first banking to their customers.

Their clients can do the banking within the comfort of their home or anywhere they are, deposit through convenient stores and partner payment centers, as well as withdraw to any ATM machines. We are actually late in this trend in banking but we are now on the way to adapt. According to McKinsey the Philippines had the lowest digital-banking penetration of any Asian market. Only 12% of Filipino respondents had tried Internet banking, compared with 28% in other developing countries of the region.

Use of smartphones to access digital banking also has
lagged behind considerably. In the Philippines, 35 percent of
digital consumers (defined as consumers who make
purchases online) own a smartphone, but only 9 percent of
Filipino consumers said they had used a smartphone to bank,
compared with 26 percent in developing Asia.

The Philippines is the only country in the region where
the majority of consumers prefer to pay bills over
the counter, whereas in other countries consumers prefer
to use banks’ websites, according to the Unisys APAC Banking
Insights Survey.

ING and CIMB are both offering an all-digital and mobile first banking in the Philippines. ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam and been in Philippines since 1990 providing wholesale banking services to international and local corporations and the first foreign universal bank while CIMB Group is a leading KL-headquartered ASEAN universal bank, one of the largest investment banks in Asia and one of the largest Islamic banks in the world.

Benefits of Digital Banking

  • Save precious time – “Banking shouldn’t get in the way of your life” – by avoiding the bank’s queue to deposit or withdraw, you save so much time for yourself, time that you can spend to other important things that matter to you. It also saves money as you don’t have to spend gas or fare to visit the bank.
  • Higher interest rate and no or fewer fees – both ING and CIMB are offering high interest in your savings up to 4% plus no maintaining balance and required deposit amount. Transfer and other fees that conventional banks charged are also waived.
  • Availability convenience – You don’t have to travel far, as you can deposit through 7-eleven stores, partnered payment centers, pawnshops, and remittance centers as well as transfer money from other banks through the mobile app. You can also withdraw to any ATM machines without a charge.
  • Eco-friendly – everything is online and through their mobile app, thus, less paper for printing and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Branchless – conventional banks require you to visit your bank branch where you open your account for some transactions but for ING and CIMB they are all virtual, and banking is technically in your phone; no need to go anywhere.

Disadvantages of Digital Banking

  • Lack of In-person support: When we entrust our money we want to feel confident that our money is safe with them. That’s why some of us prefer person-to-person conversations and handing over the hard earned money we have to the bank physically. If we have complaints sometimes talking to a real person in the bank is the best way for us because we feel that our concerns are taking care of and heard. In all-digital banking we don’t have this luxury because these banks are virtual, they have offices but I’m not sure if they will cater as much as how conventional banks cater to their customers. If you have a concern, they have a channel for you and resolution may take some time.
  • Cyber Attack: Because they are running most of their operations online or over the internet there’s a chance of cyber attack problem however, these banks know what they are doing and most of the transactions are encrypted and safe. These banks are member, authorized, and insured by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, so you are safe but just keep this in mind too that there’s still a possibility same as the conventional bank’s possibility to be heisted.
  • Cheque Transactions: Only ING offers cheque deposit through their mobile app as of now and both ING and CIMB don’t have a cheque encashment service since they don’t have a brick-and-mortar branch.
  • Availing Credit Card and Loan: You can loan through their app but no credit card service yet as of this writing here in the Philippines. Only CIMB offers a physical debit card but not all of their products and only the Fast and Fast Plus accounts.

CIMB vs ING, which one is for you?

If you are interested to join and wondering which bank is for you below are their similarities and differences.



Mobile App

24/7 Support

Money Transfer


Interest Rate

Maintaining Balance

Plastic Card


Cheque Deposit




IOS and Android




Other Bank Accounts and limited



IOS and Android

7-eleven, payment centers, banks, fund transfer

Up to 4%* 


Only Fast or Fast Plus Account 

Cash-out through Payment Centers or ATM

Note: If you already have GSave in GCash then they won’t process your account in Octo app unless there’s a variation in your information. The GSave in GCash has a 12 months validity from it was opened after that you are forced to upgrade to GSave Full account which will require another KYC or Know-Your-Customer process.

For more info see links: and

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How to link your bank to Gcash?

On my previous post How to cash-in or top-up Gcash from your bank? it was already given that you have linked your bank to Gcash for an easy transaction. But how about if your Gcash is still new or maybe you have not used this feature?

Most people that I know are cashing-in through payment centers or 7/11 stores, that means they need to go outside and physically transact to the nearest center. Though it is still convenient the time and energy spent by going to the center are still precious right?

How about the idea of cashing-in within the comfort of your home or where ever you are? Ain’t that more convenient? Below is a quick video tutorial on how to link your bank account to Gcash so that next time you cash-in it’s just a few taps where ever you are (assuming you have an internet connection).

Please note that you need to be a fully verified user first to be able to use this feature. Know Your Customer or KYC is a must in compliance to the Anti-money Laundering Act (Section 4) for every financial related business such as banks, insurance company, pawnshops, credit or loan facilities, and of course mobile money wallet companies like Gcash and Paymaya.

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Think and Grow Rich Summary

It took me 2 months to finished reading this book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is not a thick book, in fact maybe to some they can read this whole in one sitting, anyway please excuse my novice level. Napoleon Hill is an American self-help author and this book is one of his 10 best selling books of all time. The book was written in 1937 and by 2015 the book sold for 100 million copies worldwide and it remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill’s books and listed in John C. Maxwell‘s A Lifetime “Must Read” Books List.

Think and Grow Rich is not a book that tells you about how to become financially wealthy though that’s Napoleon’s let’s just say “vehicle” to help deliver the context of the book in a familiar manner. The “rich” in the title is about creating a consistent abundance of whatever your dream to have about.

In the introduction of the book, it entices the reader of discovering the secret to success and being rich. It covers areas where you can hone or maybe for you to discover in case you’re not familiar with it yet. It tackles desire, faith, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decisions, persistence, mastermind, the power of sex, the subconscious mind, brain, 6th sense, and fear. Most of the areas Napoleon provides stories of famous people to prove how they use the “secret” in achieving their goals or dreams.

Inspiring Quotes

You will learn a lot from this book and I don’t want to spoil you. There are a lot of golden quotes that I like in this book too that inspires me, here are some of them:

Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession


All who succeed in life get off to a bad start


No man is ever whipped, until he quits— in his own mind.


The man who cannot follow a leader intelligently, cannot become an efficient leader.


Genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence.


Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it. Deeds, and not words, are what count most.


What’s my own recipe to success?

After reading this book I think I now know my own recipe to success or the “secret of success” as per Napoleon Hill. A burning desire mixed with discipline and a dash of acquiring knowledge as fast as possible is the recipe that I think works for me. When you have a burning desire you create to yourself a definite goal, a fixed target that you are so passionate to achieve. When you are passionate you can do anything and everything, even beating the odds.

We all know that the journey to whatever your goal is never easy and discipline helps you stay focus and calm. A dash of accelerated acquisition of knowledge, maybe you are wondering why just a sprinkle of it when you can have a large amount, aye? For me, knowledge is a double-edged sword, it is also a source of power;  that’s why it’s the forbidden fruit. When you have so much knowledge life would be boring, no more challenge, and no more fun; I don’t want that to happen. I still want to have that enthusiasm to discover and learn through mistakes, so just a little of acquiring knowledge in a fast-track way is enough, you know just for a quick boost in the journey.


This book was also a recommendation by a well-known Filipino vlogger. I was inspired by his story and achievement so I took his recommendation and he’s right! This book is really a great book and I highly recommend this too, take that from someone who is not fond of reading books.  😉

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GadgetCare: My phone insurance experience

A very unfortunate event happened last September 29 when my one and the only reliable phone fell and internally cracked the AMOLED screen. My phone was Samsung J7 Pro, yes, it’s not a flagship and high-end phone but it’s an important item for me because I rely on my banking transactions, emails, notes, reminders, and of course communications through it.

I was preparing myself to go home in the locker area when the phone slipped and fell screen first to the hard floor. I thought it would be okay because at that moment some part of the screen was still visible and responsive to touch but as hours went by the area that was hard hit and turned black spread and the whole screen became black as the night.



I acquired my phone through a post-paid plan under Globe; the plan has an additional “rider” (this is the term used in insurance companies LOL) or program which is phone insurance called as “GadgetCare“. Since my phone is not a high-end one so the monthly policy is not that huge, it’s only 179 per month and it’s comprehensive already which means that whether it was stolen, lost, or damage they will replace it. For more information, you may check Globe Gadget Care.


The current insurance provider is Chubb (previously it’s Ace insurance and there’s a lot of bad feedback on them), a global provider of property and casualty insurance products. Smart also partnered with them and Smart’s program is called Gadget Shield.

So, when I got home I immediately visited Globe’s website and checked the process on how to file a claim. I followed it all and sent an email with the requirements like pictures of the damaged gadget, bills, proof of payments, and identification documents when all of it was not sent because the email address they provided on there website did not exist anymore. So my initial reaction was shocked and skeptic (Maybe this is a trick!). It was a weekend so I waited for the weekday so I can call their toll-free number.

I called their toll-free number and I was amazed because it was so easy filing the claim versus their instructions on the website. I mean, easy because I just narrated what happened and the agent did not even ask for a picture of the severed phone. After confirming my account details he immediately filed my claim for approval. After 2 days I received an email that it was approved but no available replacement phone thus I still need to wait for the availability of an exact unit or closer to the requirements. After another 2 days I sent a follow-up email and luckily the response was positive, a unit was available and to be able to proceed I need to pay the participation fee (depending on your policy, my participation fee is Php 1,500).

Along with their email, they provided the instructions on how to pay the participation fee, it’s through BDO.



I took a picture of the transaction receipt and send to them an email reply. After 2 days, the courier called me that they will deliver my phone. Yes, it’s just the phone and I have to exchange my severed unit to the delivery man.

So, the sender of the unit is not from Chubb, it’s from Esquire Tech Group. Esquire Tech Group is an after-market service company that specializes in repairing and refurbishing electronic gadgets and a total solutions and electronics parts provider with headquarter in Hong Kong.

Yup! it’s not what you think, the replacement is a second-hand similar unit and not a brand new unit, however, it’s as good as brand new, I swear! Though I already expected this because of the fact that the total monthly payments would not suffice to get a brand new unit as a replacement unless this happened like after maybe 5 years where they already gained or at least break-even, right? (though there are still other ways, and a brand new is possible 😉 )

The fact also that the exchange is only the damaged unit and the other items like charger and headphone are not included, it’s obvious!  I am only hoping that the exchange unit is on par with my phone’s flawless exterior and good battery. Good thing, they did not fail me, the exchanged unit is as good as my previous one.


I should say, that a gadget insurance is important especially to people like me that are clumsy or maybe just unfortunate in electronic gadgets (I lost and damaged a phone before 🙁  ). It’s really a relief because you don’t have to get a new one as soon as possible, gadgets are expensive and it’s something that we cannot buy immediately (at least for me). So, somewhat I still feel lucky or blessed by God that He allows me to afford a GadgetCare from Globe.