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Set Goals not Resolutions

It’s the time of the year again in which always have that urge to fulfill our desires and wants to happen in our life. Because it’s a new year we formulate our resolutions this year.

What is Resolution? Resolution as per Google is a firm decision to do or not to do something. However, most often than not our resolution ends up a wish and in the trash. Come next year you’ll realize that this resolution that you’re thinking now was the resolution a few years ago. This is what happened to me and I realize that resolution is like a bonfire, in Filipino idioms “ningas-kugon“. It has fire if you keep adding twigs or lumber; mostly after 2 months or the first quarter we suddenly forget it or get tired of it.

So, why or what is the reason behind it, why we get tired of our resolutions? In my own observation to myself, it’s because mostly our resolution is not formatted like goals. If you set a goal, you set a schedule of when it should be completed, if you set a goal you create timelines and identify milestones. The goal’s characteristic is S.M.A.R.T. The S stands for Specific, M for Measurable, A for Achievable, R for Realistic, and T for Timely.

For this blog post, I’m going to share with you my 2020 goals and let us meet at the end of the year of which among my goals I listed here are achieved.

So for my financial goal, I set to have Php 15,000 at the end of the year where I have to save this in GCash CIMB. A major milestone identified will be by June I must have Php 6,000 and then September which I must have Php10,000.

While for my health goal, since I think it will be unrealistic for me to go on a diet this year so I just choose dental check-up twice a year. The first check-up will be this March and the second one will be this November.

For social media goals, I must be able to publish 12 blogs and 12 vlogs this year, at least 1 post per month. Milestones will be this July and September. This July I must have posted 7 blogs and 7 vlogs then the next milestone I must have posted 9 blogs and 9 vlogs.

Then for my knowledge goal, I must finish reading 3 eBook or Audiobook this year with at least 150 pages. No specific genre for now as I am not really a book reader. The purpose of this is for me to train myself to love reading books. I consider this as the difficult one among my goals but the milestone will be this April where must have finished reading 1 book then by August I must finish reading 2 books in total then 3 by December.

I hope at the end of the year most of these goals will be completed or at least at 90% completion, I set reminders on my calendar to make sure that these goals will be achieved. Wish me luck guys and see you at the end of this year for our goals review!

Please comment down below your goals too, I would love to know what you are up to this year. 🙂

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2019: Hibernate

2019 is a year of healing and rest for me because for the first 3 quarters of the year it’s like my life is about work as if I am a programmed robot. Sleep at day, awake at night to work and I don’t have any activities except in the last quarter of this year.  It becomes a routine to me already that I forgot that I must develop myself.

I feel that this year I was in hibernate mode and I let the time pass me by. It was different 3 or 5 years ago where I look forward to promotions and progress, this year I find comfort in what I am doing. It was and it sounds nice, but I know that it will wreak havoc me soon. I should be exploring more and taking risks while I still can.

Though I am not complaining as I also liked it because at least I am able to focus on my goal and finish it off soon so I can concentrate on myself once again. I still have another year though (next year) to reach the finish line for that goal. This is what I also asked God, to give me time to heal, rest, and focus.


But God also hears my prayers, which is to control my career path. Honestly, I’m tired of chasing the career goals so I just let God takes control over it. I will just do whatever God wants me to do and what I can only do is give my 100% and let Him drive everything for me. If they (the company, or people) appreciate what I did then it’s good and if not then move on. What matters is I know to my self that I did my part and give my 100%. It’s important that you give your 100% in everything you do so that you will not feel any regret after it is done.

God shakes and stirs me a little bit, it’s His plans for me and I look at it as an opportunity. It’s just that it anxious me as I don’t know what’s in store for me next year, what obstacles that I need to face, and most importantly if I can sustain my responsibilities that I am carrying on my shoulder. I am expecting that it will be a hard time for me for the first quarter of next year (hopefully not the entire year), but I just pray that those who depends on me will not be affected.

I highly believe that if God closes doors He wants and leads you to better ones. Something needs to be destroyed so that new seeds can prosper. I am anxious and at the same time excited for the year 2020, it may be a roller coaster ride that I have to go up, down, and side. But just like the ride, it scares you at first but once done it’s super fun.

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How to Renew Motorcycle Registration without Plate Number

If you buy a motorcycle here in the Philippines, the seller or distributor usually processes the 1st registration for you and the registration will be good for a year. After that one, once it’s close to its expiry date it’s your duty to renew your motorcycle. The problem is: during your renewal usually your motorcycle still doesn’t have an assigned plate number and still using the MV file number.

The requirements are simple, and you probably saw this list while you are searching on how to renew your motorcycle or on the LTO website itself. But for your convenience, I will still list it down for you below (source: LTO).

  • CTPL Insurance Policy or additional insurance that you want or in LTO website ” Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC) “
  • Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt of payment
  • Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC)
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number

My Challenge

I read from other blog sites about the Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance or CTPL insurance that ML or Cebuana Lhuillier is offering. So far it’s affordable and convenient insurance for me since Cebuana and ML are almost everywhere besides the fact that it’s around 300 pesos only.

However, when I applied for it, the teller informed me that they can only provide this insurance to those who have plate numbers assigned/available or at least “uploaded” in LTO’s system. I got confused, the latter is obvious and easy to understand since I don’t have that plate number yet even after a year while the former which is the “upload” term got me puzzled. What do they mean by “uploaded”? Is it not LTO’s responsibility to do that “upload” in at least real-time when there’s a new registration?

Anyway, if you know the answer why, please let me know and feel free to comment down under this post. This is my first time to renew a motor vehicle and the acquisition of insurance was the challenging part.

Because I don’t know another insurance provider for vehicles in my area, I decided to go to the LTO office in JCenter Mall.

LTO Satellite Office: JCenter Mall

For those who are not in Cebu, some items of this section may not be applicable to you. Please go to the nearest LTO office in your area and let me know down in the comment section of your experience.

In my case, the closest and convenient LTO office for me is the JCenter Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu. So, I went to this office because I’m certain that they have an approved or affiliated requirements provider like clinics, insurance, emission testing, etcetera. Somehow it provides convenience but it is also kind’a questionable because of the monopoly going on. I don’t know if this is true to all LTO offices, please share it down the comment section about your observation. Well, I just hope that they will have more approved and recognized requirements providers nearby. Though I heard that they will have a new office soon which is more of a compound and probably in that way they can house more affiliated requirements providers.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Please note that you can still go to your favorite or preferred requirements provider offices just make sure that they are approved by LTO.

For a first-timer like me, the closest one in their office is the most ideal one, though they offer a little pricey CTPL insurance compare to Cebuana. It’s just weird that they are not requiring “upload” and MV file number is fine. Anyway, at the end of the day, what’s important is you have that CTPL insurance policy and document to submit.

The next stop is the emission testing, there’s a center located behind the mall, close to the jeepney terminal. The emission testing is around 300 pesos for motorcycles and 60 pesos for the stencil. Note, after you’re done with the emission testing immediately go to the neighboring area (just right beside the emission testing center), it’s the LTO’s Inspection Center. Informed the officer then fill-out the form, in the form, paste there the stencil of the chassis and the machine number.


After all the requirements were completed, I went back to the office and submitted my papers. It was Wednesday and very few were applying for the registration. It took me 10 minutes of waiting before I was called by the cashier to pay for the registration. I paid around 500 pesos then the cashier gave me the Official Receipt (OR) and sticker.

If it’s your first time to renew and you also don’t have a plate number assigned yet. Better to directly go to the nearest LTO office and see if there are nearby affiliated insurance providers, it may be pricey but once you will have your own plate number probably next year you can avail ML or Cebuana’s CTPL insurance.


Men are Polygamous by Nature

Some might disagree on this and some might feel proud but please hear me out or let’s just say please continue reading and be open-minded 🙂

We all know that men and women are different creatures but can’t leave alone without the other. Majority of the species here on Earth requires both sexes to procreate and one of the goals a species carry is to thrive and continue its line. Most species in the animal kingdom are polygamous for that same reason – to thrive and become the first to dominate amongst other species.

As a human species, we are just the same as the rest of the majority in the animal kingdom. Despite our position or level in the food chain and intelligence we still thrive for our advancement. Complex species like us don’t have the full control of our body, the brain has more room than what we can imagine. If you think that everything that we do and everything humans did to the world and to the future is part of what the brain does, well actually the brain is just a factory/office of the real thinkers that do more than we have done in the past and the present as a human species. It is so advanced too that it’s now “thinking” about the future and it is inside each one of us.

The Cause of Polygamy

I think there’s one single major organ somewhere in our body (could be in our brain that handles all the transactions; it’s like if the computer is the brain then it’s sort of a CPU). This “CPU” dictates the future of our species and this is also the basic and oldest organism who lives on Earth. Though this could not really be an organ but maybe it’s the DNA, after all, DNA can store 215 petabytes per gram of DNA according to the published method known as DNA Fountain by Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zielinski of Columbia University and the New York Genome Center. So imagine how much space DNA can store and room for processing.

Anyway, let’s go to the point of why male species are genetically polygamous.. It’s because it’s embedded in our DNA at the very first day we landed or live or exist on Earth. The goal is simple, and that is to procreate to evolve and to survive. That’s why we see male species have multiple hetero partners in his life. It could be one at a time or simultaneously because their DNA dictates the ancient goal.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Once we are born we are stuck to what we have, there could be some evolution happening along the way but the slate is already formed. It’s like a smartphone version, the first version may have 1 camera at the back and the next version has 2. So, if you are the 1st version then you’re stuck with 1 camera for the rest of your lifespan as a smartphone though you receive multiple on-air updates and become powerful smartphone you are limited with the current hardware that you have as a version 1. The DNA manufactures the next version of our species by gathering data from your environment through your reactions to it physically and chemically, it’s like there is a research and development department inside your body. However, because of our version’s limitation, our DNA cannot test the hypothesis so it created instructions to every version that it creates to seek for ways to procreate and as much as possible as many as it could for a faster turn over. The DNA’s memory does not die and it contains the very first version’s information and instruction up to the present data and it already might have theories for the future that are ready for testing and at the same time deployment.

Once the DNA moved to another cycle or shall we say created a new version (in layman’s term your child/children) the new version will have a different set of testing variables and information gathering using the passed theories and formula from the previous version while your current DNA still continue the research and development until the day you reach andropause because as long as the body can still create a new version it won’t stop creating that perfect version.

Why male, how about the female?

So, why I’m focusing on male species and not to female? Well, females have an important role too, however, only the males reproduce fresh and huge amount of sperm constantly and it’s important for a research and development team inside the human species because that means every iteration in their “database” or laboratory can be deployed immediately. In Information Technology and Agile project management perspective: one sprint of sperm creation takes 64 days and iteration can be done within that time frame for that sprint. Sperm is only a carrier of the information, it’s like a box, so the creation of the box is 64 days in total but the male body has so many of it that it can be ready to deploy daily (no need to wait for the sprint to finish). So if we are not as intelligent as we are now, besides from “eating” the other activity that we all know is have sex every day.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

If the males create the formula and hypothesis data, the females are the check and standard at the same time the hardware manufacturer of that masterpiece/experiment. For example, both species gather the data that the Earth’s carbon dioxide level increase 5% every decade, the male species DNA anticipated this pattern and creates a formula that can withstand the increase of carbon dioxide up to 10% per decade but during the manufacturing, the female species might deactivate this formula because based on it’s current data gathering from her vessel (human body) there’s no dramatic increase yet of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus it will only activate the standard formula that can handle the current range of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

Men are created to be polygamous for the survival of the species …

As an intelligent human, we had created social standards, norms, religion, and culture that limits or augment our capabilities as a human species. As Christian and as a Filipino we don’t prefer the polygamous relationship. There’s a debate out of entertainment if men are really polygamous by nature. If we look at the basic of life and if we disregard our knowledge influenced by the environment we live, we can say that men are created to be polygamous for the survival of the species. I just wanted to be clear that I am not promoting polygamous in a way that you are hurting anyone else, let’s be an intelligent human being here. If you think it’s your duty and responsibility to procreate and procreate for the sake of your species then make sure there’s a mutual agreement between parties envolve and at the same time as a man you should be able to feed your children and provide their needs as modern human beings. This could be a race but as a human, we are still at the top of the animal kingdom’s pyramid, so chill and stop acting like a wild animal.

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How to Stay Cool?

I’m not talking humidity and how you will keep your body in a perfect temperature here but I’m talking about the other meaning of “cool” in slang terminology. The slang meaning of cool is being awesome and the word awesome seems to have a different meaning depending on how or what it is about.

I am not saying that I am awesome, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet. Few friends asked me on how I keep myself genuinely okay to most of the situations. Let’s just say that they’re amazed on how I stay cool to whatever direction the team or the situation is asked to go. A previous manager of mine when I was still an apprentice nicknamed me “Ok ra” guy (“Ok ra” means “cool, whatever”) because whatever suggestion solicitation he asked from me I always answered, “ok ra”. I’m pretty sure he’s annoyed because he’s not getting any good advice from me.

Optimism, I think that’s what I always have when deciding things whether it’s for me or for someone else. I always believe that whatever direction we go we will always end up to what is fated for us to be or to have. They say, your decisions today shape who we are tomorrow, well yeah kind’a true but I believe that your tomorrow was already written a long time ago. We all have a mission here and every day we are working towards it even though we still don’t know what it is yet. So to some decisions that for me does not have an impact on what my mission is on Earth, I don’t invest so much energy towards it; I let fate decides for me because it does not matter, it’s just a little spice in life and will pass through. For example eating, it’s an essential activity for us to live and continue our life but choosing what or where to eat is not something that I invest my energy into because the goal is to survive, whatever food is available I’m cool though I have likes and dislikes but I can always configure my taste when the food is already on the table. I eat when I’m hungry and I mostly don’t follow a schedule because it does not matter for me. But if I have cravings I don’t think there’s a decision to make on that case unless of outside factors that will affect it which I can configure by pursuing it or not which is not important regardless of my decision.

If someone asked for some advice and I feel that it’s a step towards their fate, I only give them possible scenarios if they choose those directions and I let them decide.

Male vs Female

Males are creatures from Mars while Females are from Venus. Just a disclaimer, this is not a sexist post. Scientifically, male and female have different biological and anatomical structure. We may have similar organs and its functions but there is still a lot that is different, one of them is our body chemistry and hormones. The way we think is different, there are many factors that can be considered of its process but if we will disregard those outside factors what remains in the slate is the hormones/body chemicals we have in our body or brain. I’m not a scientist, but I assume you are aware that we are not magical creatures and our existence is backed up by science.

If the baby that is not exposed to environmental learning can decide the female babies will have a similar decision algorithm to other female babies and is different from the male babies decision algorithm. We are born in a blank slate but our canvas was weaved differently and it’s based on simple criteria: sex, and DNA. I have observed that females are keen to details, they are detail oriented while males are goal oriented. Males regardless of his gender are polygamous and Females will always take good care of her offspring.

In Conclusion

chill, everything will be okay. ^_^

I added this sex difference part of this post above because some of my female friends asked me how I managed to stay cool every time. They are complaining of simple items that they observe towards a person or to the situation, they put so much energy entertaining their pet peeves. The above are my advice, first, they have to understand that it’s difficult because that’s how women think so what they can do is control it, practice, and always be aware. Be optimistic, our life is not the same as the story of Filipino teleserye or telenovela. Life is not that cruel in reality, just be wise, know your priority, think ahead but not overthink. If you believe in God, knows that He will not forsake you nor put you in a situation that you cannot handle.

so, chill! 🙂

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How to Overcome Passive Listening Habit

When I was in my school days from elementary to college, I was frustrated by myself because instead of helping the person, I made it more complicated. When someone asked me before a question or advice I noticed that they were more confused after I provided my thoughts. It was frustrating to my part because I did try my very best to help the person solve his/her problem but instead I gave him or her more problem. I will give you an example (this is a hypothetical example as I cannot recall those failed Q&A of mine):

Question: How to cook rice in the rice cooker?

Me: The rice and the water must be in equal parts to each other, plus half of the cup of water to make your rice fluffy.

If I am the naive advisee who does not know how to cook rice in the rice cooker I would certainly scratch my head and have more questions instead of the answer. What my answer was not exactly the right answer to the question; I provided an advance answer.

What was my mistake?

I was frustrated to myself that sometimes I will just answer their queries of “I don’t know” to make it easy for them to move forward and for myself not to feel guilty. But I know that I cannot always answer “I don’t know” even if I know the answer and I need to be helpful to others. So I study myself, my answers, of why I answer that way, why I direct them to a more confusing scenario instead of giving them the right answer. I thought to myself that I should learn to give the appropriate answer. I can answer the question in so many ways but there’s only few that fits into the question and that is what I should practice.

When I was assessing myself, I learned that I was a passive listener (actually until now, I still do but I try to reduce it), that I always thought of an answer to a question that was not yet asked. I tend to give an answer that was advance because of the desire to help that person and let him solve his problem smoothly.

What is Passive Listening?

According to passive listening is:
the listening where a person although listen to the others but not with full attention, he often distract himself from the ongoing discussion.

In my case, I formulated an answer ahead instead of actively listening to the person. I imagine what’s the next step, the possible things that the person may stumble when solving his problem, or looking into my archive the tips that I think the person should have instead of answering the simple question he throws to me.

There are many reasons why you become a passive listener, like you are listening to a music, you are focus to another physical activity, or you are entertaining other distractions around you.

How did I resolve it?

This sounds cliche but it’s important; acknowledge the problem. Don’t kid yourself or beat around the bush, it maybe painful but accepting the problem is important to address it. Next is to assess yourself, assess the gravity of the problem, then be observant and ask for help.

From passive listening to active listening, you need to be patient by allowing the person to express and talk without interrupting him so you can exactly pinpoint the problem. Be focus, if you are doing something pause that for awhile while listening to the person; you should be able to summarize what he said before formulating your answer. As the person speaks I’m pretty sure that you will see some relevant points, keep a mental list and use it only when necessary. If you have your own idea, keep that too to your mental list until the person is done expressing the problem. Ask questions if you are not satisfied but only if the person stops talking or he feels he provided all the information; you should not interrupt him with your question while he’s still talking.

I still commit passive listening but I try to reduce that one. I am able to determine which is worth taking and which one is the not so important conversations. There are still advantages actually of being a passive listener, or a passive person and I will blog that soon.