Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is available now in PH

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Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is available now in PH

June 24, 2019 Adventure InfoTech 0

Behold Harry Potter fans! The AR (Augmented Reality) game for Harry Potter is here in the Philippines, it was first launched on June 21 in the UK and US. This is created by Niantic, the Pokemon Go developer in collaboration with Portkey Games and Warner Brothers.

Unlike the Pokemon Go where you only collect pokemon and fight in the gym, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite has more activities to do other than collecting magical items. In the game, you can fight enemies along the way like vampires, dark witches, etc., collect ingredients and brew your own potion, participate in the wizarding challenges, and raid fortresses.

The story of the game is that the Wizarding World is affected by Calamity that transported magical people, creatures, and artifacts out into the real world (traces, foundables, and confoundable). In the Wizarding world, the law called Statute of Secrecy forbids the Muggle world to learn about the Wizarding world. As a player, you are recruited by the Ministry of Magic to collect the missing magical items, people, and creatures before they get noticed. You also work with the Ministry Officials to find out who’s responsible for the calamity and their plans.

Differences and/or Similarities between Pokemon Go and HP: Wizard Unite

In Pokemon Go you throw your pokemon balls to capture the pokemon, the pokemon balls are limited and with variations, while in HP Wizard Unite you cast spells by tracing on to your screen the magic wand path. You can use potions to upgrade your spellcasting power for a limited time; just like Pokemon Go you also have a real-world map where you navigate by walking or maybe riding a broomstick (You must not play the game while driving, make sure you are a passenger).

The more you use magic the more your spell energy depletes and you have to restore it by visiting inns, energy spell is like pokemon ball store or pokestops. You’ll know that the inns are in cooldown if the chimney is still smoking that means you need to wait for a few minutes before the inn can serve you food for your energy.

You’ll get rewards for every completed tasks or assignments

If Pokemon Go has Pokedex, in HP Wizard Unite you have a Registry and Portkey Portmanteaus are like the Pokemon Eggs that need your distance and gold or silver keys to unlock (keys are incubators in Pokemon Go). In Pokemon Go you have the ability to lure rare pokemon, much as the same in HP Wizard Unite, all you have to do is set a dark detectors in inns and attract traces for 30mins, the difference between lure and dark detectors is that you can have multiple (up to 3) dark detectors at once to attract the highest-level traces.

Fortresses are the equivalent of Pokemon Gym the difference is instead of fighting with each other it’s more of cooperating with each other to get the reward, after all, you are in the same team since you are all recruits of Ministry of Magic and I think that’s why the game is called “Wizard Unite”, right?

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The fun parts that I think Pokemon Go doesn’t have are the ability to brew potions, you collect the ingredients as you walk around or as a reward when you clear objectives or add Foundables to your Registry. You have your own ID for your profile where your friends can see your achievements, titles, activities, and customize your wand, choose your house, and filter your portrait. Specialize your magic as your level grow higher called professions: Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor. To keep the story moving you have daily tasks and assignments because as mentioned you don’t just collect items but also solve the mystery of who’s responsible for the Calamity.


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