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How to deposit to your bank via GCash? (Vlog)

Depositing money to a bank is really a task and let’s admit it, you don’t like spending your time in banks waiting!. It’s one of the chores we tend to apply the maƱana habit, and eventually ruining our saving habit.

Luckily, in GCash, you can now deposit to your bank through there mobile app. Below is the video I made on how to transfer money to your bank right at the comfort of your home.

To be able to maximize the benefits of GCash which includes transferring or depositing money to your account through their app, all you need to do is to be fully verified or undergo the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure.

KYC is easy and will happen within the GCash application. All you need to do is send to them your identification (valid ID) then schedule an interview with their KYC agent.

I’m super glad that GCash finally evolves and become the super app for me! I pay my bills here, loan, send money to my family, and deposit or send money to my friend’s bank account (pay my borrowed money). Before I have to travel to malls or nearest (~ 500m away) pera padala center (remittance center) which cost me time, and effort but now those activities are a tap away!

By Gino Pena

Gino is a Business Systems Analyst and been working in the IT industry for more than 5 years in Cebu City. He loves coffee mocha and sweets, he adores animals and all God's creations. His passion is in art, he believes in magic and fairy tales but not in happy endings; he prefers to be in contact with reality always.

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