How to spend less on visiting Macau?

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How to spend less on visiting Macau?

November 23, 2016 Adventure Travel 0

Macau is a beautiful country and as we all know today it’s the Las Vegas of Asia because of its grandeur and beautiful hotels and casinos.

Despite its luxurious reputation and image, you can actually save a lot here if you will visit just for a day and check out their other historic sites and beautiful tourist attractions (assuming you are not playing anything in the Casinos).

Because of the competing numbers of high-class hotels, most of them are offering free rides and this will be your way to save in transportation in visiting the landmarks of the country. When we came we leveraged the shuttle service of Grand Lisboa. The hotel was marvelous and truly luxurious.

We took the Grand Lisboa free shuttle bus because it was the closest hotel to our destinations like the Senados Square and Ruins of St. Paul.

When in Senados Square and around the Ruins of St. Paul there are various shops offering pastries and the famous jerkies. You can still taste these delicious ones because they all offer free-taste but I don’t think you will pass this one, they are so delicious that you would want more thus you need to buy a few to snack later in your walk or maybe for gifts; it cost around $5 to $7.

From Senados Square we went to the famous beautiful hotels with replicas of Europe’s Venice and Paris. It’s located in Cotai, it’s another island from Macau where you need to cross the bridge, it’s like Cebu to Lapu-lapu (though the bridge is longer). Again, we utilize the free shuttle bus ride, We took the free shuttle service of Studio City hotel.

Overall, we only spent in Macau mostly for food, I can’t remember the exact amount but it wasn’t that expensive. They have a different currency but they also accept Hong Kong dollars so no need to exchange your money.


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