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Staycation at Marco Polo Residence Tower 2 Cebu City

I was just looking around for a good place to stay for staycation within Cebu City and I found this place interesting. It is part of the condominium residences of Marco Polo Hotel. The location is at Nivel Hills, Apas, Lahug so it’s located in an ascending part of Cebu City but the city is still so accessible. I took the superior studio unit, it has one double bed and a sofa-bed, room size is 38 square meter, with a kitchenette so we were able to cook and feels at home, it has TV set and game console, as well as a washing machine; for full list visit here.

The pool and other amenities are located at the Upper Ground level.

Tip: Contact ahead the host and see if he/she is responsive. It’s important for me that the host is responsive and accommodating even if it’s virtual since this place is a residential and not a hotel. Proceed with caution if the host is not responsive especially if you are a total foreigner to the place; you don’t want to face unexpected challenges during your stay and no one is there to assist you, right? The good thing was I got an accommodating host.

The pool is L-shaped, 4 feet deep across.
I find the place so perfect because it’s not crowded, we were the only people swimming at this time.

The place has free parking (outside the building), the place is secured and comfortable. Bring ID with you as you need those upon check-in. The guards will ask for it in the reception (Lower Ground) before the host will hand over to you the room key and the elevator NFC card. Make sure to include in the authorization letter that you will use the pool if you wish to use it, the pool is 200 pesos per head but check with your host as this may change. None of us are smokers but ask the host first if you can smoke and for the designated area for smoking.

We enjoyed our stay and I hope you will enjoy yours too  ^_^

By Gino Pena

Gino is a Business Systems Analyst and been working in the IT industry for more than 5 years in Cebu City. He loves coffee mocha and sweets, he adores animals and all God's creations. His passion is in art, he believes in magic and fairy tales but not in happy endings; he prefers to be in contact with reality always.

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