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Why do you need to take your company’s Annual Physical Exam?

Some companies offer annual health check-ups for their employees and I’m too lucky and grateful that the company I’m in is offering that one. Annual Physical Exam (APE), well self-explanatory is a yearly health check-up and in the company that I’m in it even extends to my parents. This perk or service is provided to us for free and for our advantage; I never heard of any major contradiction of why they don’t like taking an APE except for:

  • it is taking some of their personal time
  • they don’t like needles
  • the annoyance in urine and stool sample gathering
  • uncomfortable or embarrassing genital check-up.
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Overall, taking an APE is a total advantage to you, not all companies offer this opportunity. Some, if ever they have one, it’s a charge to the employee’s pay. So, if your company offer’s one and it’s free then grab that to see your health status. After all, our health is one of our major capital as employees. Below are the advantages I see if you take a little time to spend on the Annual Physical Exam.

  • Check for possible diseases so they can be treated early – It’s really an advantage if we are able to check early signs of health failure and treat it as soon as possible before it becomes complicated. Treating early can save your life,  save you from stress, and money as it’s still manageable and less expensive whereas if it’s identified in a critical stage.
  • Identify any issues that may become medical concerns in the future – prevention is better than cure, that’s a very common message we see in every health care facility which is very true. Somewhat similar to the above advantage except that this time we are checking for signs, symptoms, and even assess our lifestyle that may lead to a health problem or to its early signs.
  • Update necessary immunizations – some healthcare provider offers immunizations, grab that opportunity to protect you from viruses that can temporarily halt your productivity. Sometimes, this perk extends to your family either for free or at a discounted price.
  • Ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine – depending on your results, sometimes there will follow-up check-up to ensure your health. The physician will also recommend exercises you can follow or medicine to take to address the risk to a possible health problem.
  • Build a relationship with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) – your company’s PCP can give you recommendations to other specialist or advises if you have a specific concern that is beyond the scope of the APE. This is very helpful because if we don’t have knowledge in medical and health-related areas we need their input to navigate in treating our concerns.