Oppo: Chinese Android Phone Manufacturer Deployed their own app store

To avoid a similar fate as Huawei, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, commonly referred to as Oppo, A Chinese Android phone manufacturer deployed their app store to their phones on their recent software updates. Oppo Appstore has similar functionality as the Google Play store and been around but was optional to install. Though this isn’t new, Samsung already had their own Appstore too long time ago but for Chinese brands, I think pushing their own repository of apps is now a necessity.

The move is reasonable for all Android manufacturer as we can see that Google still has the ultimate hold to their business. Google is reportedly arguing with the decision of the United States to ban Huawei as according to them could threaten US security. As per Google if sensitive information sent to the forked version of Android installed in Huawei device could be at risk or compromised since the forked version does not undergo rigorous check from Google.

If these Android phone manufacturers will create a similar app store like Google’s with similar or more feature and security then it will not be that difficult for them to continue their business in case Google or US will threaten them. From then they can have an absolute departure from Google and will start creating their own space and innovate from there. It could also mean a new mobile OS and a start of the downfall of Android if this new OS will proliferate.