Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant: Samgyupsalamat

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Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant: Samgyupsalamat

March 3, 2019 FoodAdventure 0

Everything is unlimited! Yes, that’s right Samgyupsalamat offers unlimited pork or/and beef as well as the side dishes. Samgyupsalamat is derived from 2 different language words: “samgyupsal” or Samgyeopsal, samgyeopsal-gui is a grilled pork belly, a type of gui (grilled dish) in Korean cuisine and “Salamat” which means thank you in Filipino.


They’ve been offering unlimited happiness since 2012 and they have now may be more than 30 branches. Here in Cebu, they are located at The Ridges, F. Cabahug, Panagdait, Cebu City (near Sykes).

I call this gorgeous rolls of thinly sliced beef – bacon hehehe.. 

Samgyupsalamat offers unlimited pork, beef, or a combination of it with side dishes for Php 499 per person.

presenting.. the side dishes!

Besides from offering unlimited happiness they also have “happy-hour” from 11AM to 3PM which is less than Php 50 (You’ll do the math, come on!). Very perfect for lunchtime, isn’t it amazing?!


Since we (the humans in the picture) are nocturnal animals so we are not able to experience that happy hour but the good part is they are open until 2AM (final order will be around 1AM and they don’t accept customers from this time, let the bubbly and helpful crew rest too). They are open Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 2AM.

Tip: grill first the thinly sliced pork or beef before the huge ones because they are using charcoal; the oil or the liquid will drip and fire down the charcoal (though you can always ask for another pot of it) but if it’s happy hour and a lot of customers are dining and their crew are busy, you don’t want your happiness to pause for a while right?

You know the rule in every restaurant that offers unlimited food, NO LEFTOVER! Be responsible and respectful of the food. Samgyupsalamat also doesn’t offer take-out so enjoy your dining.


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